3:30pm on the day before ONYB

I had a 3 beer lunch. I was by myself.

My business scorecard that use to make financial decisions is 100% inaccurate. Yeah the numbers my team has been posting do not match QBO. So every decision I have made YTD was wrong because I had bad numbers.

My CS manager just typed in bold that we absolutely received credit for defective product. I look into it and we absolutely did not. Why would they be so confident the company was protected that we received money owed to us. Then when I double check her work – we never received the money. How can I trust that the work required is being done. How can I trust my team? I have been finding mistakes likes this every single week.

I’m heading to a happy hour for a free beer in about an hour. Then dinner with a few more drinks and a nice Cabernet before bed.

I’ll hang with the family and the kids tonight – I always do. My family is best thing going right now. My wife is amazing and my kids are ridiculous. Cute, entertaining, brilliant and so many unique talents. This will be last time I’m buzzy.

So it begins - 365 days to get my shit straight.  
Tomorrow I'll be sober.

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