My last day to have a Drink

My company needs help. Cash Flow is a disaster. The dept I have been consuming is mind blowing. My wife would freak if she actually knew how much money I owe on credit cards – past due invoices and loans. My management team is not meeting expectations. Sales are not growing and every day we are digging a bigger hole. Some days I just want to run and escape the madness but this is my baby. This is my company and this is my responsibility to fix the mistakes that have happened over the past two to three years.

I believe in my vision, I know my team believes and we have customers that count on us – we have a tribe that loves our Brand.

It’s April 24th 2019 – I’m going to drink today. Just like I have for many, many years.

Tomorrow is Day 1… always tomorrow.. I’ve said it before but this time will be different.

If I don’t make these changes I’m worried about dying young and I’m worried about losing my company.

I’m not going to share my name or my company through this blog. My identify will kept secret for the time being.

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