Day 1

I’m technically sober for a few hours – and very hung. I’m crabby and really just in a shit mood.

Yesterday was not a good day – It was my Birthday. My daughter wished for my Birthday that I would drink less beer. Got in a fight with the wife – No one sang Happy Birthday – no Banana Cream Pie – Yeah it’s time for a change.

Thinking about the company – a company should be a machine. The machine should produce what you expect. If the machine is supposed to make snickers – then you should get a freaking snickers – not a kit kat. If the machine makes kit kats you get a new machine.

My machine is not producing what I expect. I have delegated way to much and I really don’t even know how the machine works anymore. So many systems and processes have been but into place. I trusted my team to build the machine and make freaking snickers. Right now I’m getting busted up peanuts.

I can’t buy a new machine until I figure out how this one is working – Or do I just start over.

Wow I’m hung – normally it would be a hair of the dog kind of day – but not today.

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