Day 4

The plan is moving forward and it’s not easy.

My wife came home Friday with 6 full cases of wine. Yeah 72 bottles of wine. I carried them from the garage to the basement and put every bottle in the bar. I took the beer I had sitting in the fridge and dumped it. To be honest, I actually threw them in the recycle bin – knowing I could dumpster dive if need be.

Saturday night and the kids are staying at Grandma’s – in the past- it’s going to be a party. Neighbors were sending pictures of wine. Inviting us over for a bender night emptying 6 plus bottles of Red. My wife pours a glass of white early but she took it easy only having a few glasses.

We had a nice night. She was busy working but the time we did spend together was good.

We stayed home Saturday night and I started reading Traction – again. Maybe this is what my business needs. We have looked into traction in the past and implemented pieces but never as a whole. We need something to change and I’m out of ideas so I’m going to run with it. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve been reading all morning – this blog is my break.

I worked out yesterday – Body Beast Day 1 and 30 minutes on the Peloton. I’ll do it again today. I’ve decided to start every weekday with a workout. I’ll be going in to the office late so I can take care of my body first. It would be nice to have a six pack – not drink a 6 pack every single day.

I am still sober and I have not had a drink of alcohol!!!

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