I’m a mess

I need to poop. I haven’t pooped in almost 3 days and I’m not sleeping.

I miss my MD’s.

What is an MD you may ask. A MD is what you would call a really good poop. Why is it called a MD – it’s a nickname for the greatest poop of all time. The world famous Doogie Howser M.D. — Yes I call a good poop a good MD – I miss Doogie. Maybe today.

I’m not sleeping – I’m exhausted but I just lay in bed and can’t get my brain to shut off. That’s one of the reason I would drink. They say you sleep better when sober and wake up refreshed. I’m not waking up refreshed but I’m sticking with it. Eventually my body will need to sleep – I miss my sleep and yes I miss pooping.

I have my two main guys in the office reading Traction – they have until Monday to finish the book. I can’t implement a new way on my own – I’ll need their help.

This is day 6 of not drinking. If I was sleeping it would be easier but nothing’s easy anymore. I just need to get through this phase.

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