Almost two Months

Of drinking – I’m not impressed with myself.

Of not working out. I’m getting soft and losing muscle..

This is not and was not the plan. The plan was to dry out. The plan was to get sober.

Now I’m heading into the heart of the summer months – where everything seems to revolve around drinking. Parties – the 4th of July – vacations….

Yes, I’m really stressed about work and cash flow is making every decision difficult.

Today – I’m going to do my best. Maybe this is not something that can be accomplished in 365 days. I will need to take back control of my choices and this is something that will need to be accomplished – one day at a time. Every day I’m going to need to commit and start over. Every day I will need to make the right choice. Drink your water – Drink your tee… No beer.

Today is one day at a time. Today I will not drink.

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