Going to be a Challenge

I’m not feeling normal today. My body and my head are not foggy but it’s almost like I’m on a cloud. My stomach is also just not right. Plus my body aches from the workouts – which is good but wow I must be outta shape.

It’s only 9am and I’m thinking about drinking today. It’s been 10 days since I had a drink. I really believe 21 is that magic number. I simply need to go 11 more days and I will give myself an opportunity to break this curse.

I’m calling it a curse – some call it a disease others say it’s just having a good time. I know I’m going to drink again but I want it to be on my terms. I never want to drink on a daily basis again. I want it to be just have a good time. The way I have or had been drinking it’s not a good time – It’s an early grave. It’s a habit that if not broken means I don’t get to know my future grandkids.

That’s reason enough to go 11 more days.

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