Two Weeks…..

Wow this was a challenging weekend. I’m proud of myself for not drinking. It’s Monday morning and I feel pretty good.

I couldn’t get myself to workout this weekend – I was crabby – I was craving a drink and my typically household duties or role was changed. I need to be a Nurse this weekend for my wife who had surgery on Friday. Which is great, I love an opportunity to take care of my wife – she’s a wonderful and amazing lady. However my wife is an awful patient and does not like needed help. She is a strong women and likes things done her way. It was not an easy weekend…

I had fun with the kids – I did not drink. I also did not workout and decided to eat my cravings away. I took on a few extra thousand calories this weekend. Drink or Eat… I made the right choice but now I need to get those workouts in.

7 more day.. 7 more days.. I really believe that 21 day mark will make things easier…

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