The real change begins

It’s one thing to just quit drinking – It’s another to transform your life.

This morning I woke up at 4:45am. Refreshed and feeling good from not drinking. I sat down to drink my coffee and play a silly game on my phone. I did this for the next 15 minutes when it just hit – What the Fuck are you doing. Why are you wasting your brain and your potential to do something great.

I spend the next 45 minutes drinking my coffee and reading a book.

I then spend the next 45 minutes exercising.

I finished at 6:45 am – just in time to help the kids get ready for school and get myself ready.

The morning is a golden opportunity to change your mindset and your day. I’m not going to waste it. If I’m going to change my life and my company in 365 days – it’s not going to be from drinking. I’m going to change my life by changing my habits.

The make these changes it must begin before the sun comes up.

Tomorrow I’m going to follow this exact same routine – minus the video games… But I’m going to add a step. I’m going to visualize what needs to be done to win the day…

I will be able to wake up at 5am because I will not have been drinking.

Own the day. Own my Life…

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