Day 3

I stayed at the office until after 5 and went straight home. I thought about stopping for a drink – It’s my blog I’m going to be honest. I came home and was thinking about drinking. Instead I worked out and after that I played a game with my daughter. It was nice. Then we played a game as a family.

I’m actually sore for my workout yesterday.

Today is an Anniversary – Today I’m not going to drink in honor of a great man. I’m not going to drink because I liked that workout and it was nice to spend quality time with my daughter and son without a buzz… And really do I even get buzzed or just drink until I go to sleep. To hang out with the family and not have a beer in one hand.

These are my reasons not to drink today – Funny it’s almost 3 pm – the hour when I start thinking about having the first one – Not Today..

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