9 days No Beer

I’m doing really good. I wake up feeling refreshed and my head is clear. The first 15 days of my sober October bombed. I shouldn’t say it was awful but I had a few rough days. I can blame the days I was drinking on stress but that’s an excuse and I hate excuses.

October 14th was the last day I drank and it was ugly. I had a really bad day and spent an evening being a loser sitting in a bar, drinking way past the point of being able to drive home. My wife was pissed – I was pissed and drinking didn’t solve my problem. I was still stressed. The only thing drinking did was make the next few days really hard.

I had trouble thinking straight I was so hungover. How can you be successful if you can’t think straight. The last nine days have been really encouraging. I can do this. I don’t need to drink. I can find healthier options to relieve stress. I have been sleeping really good with NO booze.

I’m looking forward to continued success in my road to being a better me.

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